Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells 2x15kg pair

Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells 2x15kg pair

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Looking for something really heavy, and unbreakable? This set of Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells will be just perfect for you and probably will last for the rest of your life and then you can pass it on to your children :) It's just bulletproof.

Set including:

- 2 x dumbbells handle (1.8kg each)

- 4 x spinlock collar

- 4 x 5kg cast iron plate

- 4 x 2kg cast iron plate

As you can see our plates are ultra thin, therefore you have a lot of room left on each dumbbell to increase the weights when you get stronger.

Cast iron plates included in this set fit our 1 inch standard barbells also. Get a barbell with above set to complete your very own home gym.